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New Book by Pastor Marjorie

The Leading Lady her life and her influence

About the Author

Reverend Marjorie Esomowei is a certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker. She is the author of several books and study manuals. She is also a graduate of Economics from one of Nigeria’s premiere Universities, Ahmadu Bello University Zaria and an Alumni of the Oxford University Said School of Business. Before joining her husband in full time Church Ministry, she was a very successful Investment Banker.

Marjorie is an ordained minister and Co-Pastor/ Founder of Triumphant Church International in London, England. She and her husband of over thirty-five years, the Reverend Clem Esomowei, minister together, having Apostolic oversight of Churches and outreaches in the United Kingdom, Europe, South Africa and Nigeria. As a profound teacher of God’s word and a prophetic intercessor, her ministry is characterised by signs and miracles.

She is also the president and founder of the dynamic WISDOM FOR WOMEN INTERNATIONALW4WI the prolific WISE WOMEN AWARDSCOMFORT HOME ORPHANAGE and ILEAD ICHANGE AND IINFLUENCE, which is the mentoring and coaching arm of W4WI.

A dynamic, proactive, ingenious and resourceful woman. Pastor Marjorie is a natural leader whose abilities have been enhanced with almost forty years of being in leadership, both in the Ministry and the marketplace and this makes her a sought after International conference speaker.

Recently listed on the Keep the Faith magazine hall of twenty Most Influential Black Christian Women in Great Britain, Pastor Marjorie is a recipient of several awards and has made appearances on BBC, ITV, and many Christian TV, Radio channels and print media.

She is a loyal friend, mother, pastor, mentor and confidant to many.


Reverend Clem Esomowei

Pastor, Author and Mentor

I have gone through the book ‘The Leading Lady, Her Life and Influence.’ and I find it very insightful and beneficiary to all ladies who aspire to lead or are already at the helm of affairs in all spheres of life. I have been married to Pastor Marjorie for 36years and we are privileged to lead together since 1995 till date. I see in the book ‘The Leading Lady, Her Life and Influence a sincere presentation of her years of leadership in the various organisations she has led including a Merchant Bank subsidiary.

She has highlighted the principles leading to her success in the corporate world, Church and service to God and humanity in Europe, Africa, Canada and the United States of America. She makes it clear that focus, forthrightness, determination and fair-play are very instrumental to effectiveness and efficiency as a leading lady.

Pastor Marjorie has written several books including Children Are Like Olive Plants, Overcoming in Gilgal, 33 Tips for Single Ladies, A-Z of the Multipurpose Woman, No by More Curse, Designed for the Palace and Inspirational Business Ideas which have been a strong foundation for writing her new book ‘ The Leading Lady, her Life and Influence.’ She enumerates the importance of getting a life in the midst of a busy leading life in her corporate world creating a beneficial balance for optimum productivity.

I recommend ‘The Leading Lady, Her Life and Influence’ to everyone especially ladies who aspire to make positive impact in the corporate world and society at large.

Dr. Cindy Trim

Author, Mentor, Business Leader

When you think of business, social and civic leadership, what image comes to mind? Is it a man in a suit, one with a stethoscope around his neck, or perhaps a clergyman with a turned-back collar? Growing up, I would have probably conjured up in my mind a mental picture similar to the ones hitherto described as well. But today, my mind thinks differently. Women have made incredible strides not only in the business space but in every industry arena.

Although women have made significant strides, we still are underrepresented. This trend is changing, though.

In this book, pastor Marjorie Esomowei presents a compelling case of why a woman should arise to take their place in leadership without compromising their femininity. She takes an intelligent approach that I believe will inspire women from all walks of life and encourage them to be a catalyst for change.

While women have been and continue to play a critical role within the workforce, it’s only recently that women in leadership have been embraced as a human resource preference. The data is clear that organizations with significant representation of women outperform those with a more homogenous leadership, i.e., C-Suites, board membership, etc.

Additionally, it has been proven that when women are supported in their quest to progress, families, communities, industries, and eventually nations move too (e.g., China). To fight for women is to fight for humanity, and to unleash the potential in women is to release the potential in society.

It is encouraging to observe that women are still succeeding despite gender-discriminating barriers.

Using biblical examples and recent case studies, Pastor Esomowei skillfully pulls out principles that will help women redefine how to show up unapologetically powerful in businesses, ministries, industries, and government as a solution to world problems. She is a gritty, honest, and dynamic writer, and I am confident you will enjoy her fresh perspective.

Archbishop Charles Agyinasare

Pastor, Chancellor, Author and Statesman

Powerful book, inspiring, enlightening and motivating. It is a book that is designed to lift the head of any despondent and lugubrious lady to face LIFE.

It is designed to turn the fearful into a bold and achieving lady. The Leading Lady, Her Life and Influence would empower the ill equipped to rise up and be counted as a leader to her generation.

Get this book now and get one for a friend, it would revolutionize your life.

Archbishop Agyinasare

Pastor, Chancellor, Author and Statesman

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